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How can foreign students in usa get credit card or loan with-out co-signer?
Deserve offers credit cards to US citizens, International students in the US (no SSN required for international students) or any other visa without any credit history. I have helped 45 students on campus who got this credit card and have amazing history. They thank me big time. It has no fees infact you will get $30 when you signup using my referral. You also get 1–3% cash back and Amazon Prime for free as a student credit card.Referral to apply Deserve Master Credit Card:- Find the Best Credit Card for You - DeserveReferral for $30 Bonus - Deserve.com/04253Thank me later.Update: One of my friend used deserve for 6 months and got approved for car finance and all he started was from deserve.
Do I need to report a foreign credit card when filling the FBAR?
You are only required to report "financial accounts." If you look at the instructions to the FBAR it defines financial account as follows:Financial Account. A financial account includes, but is not limited to, a securities, brokerage, savings, demand, checking, deposit, time deposit, or other account maintained with a financial institution (or other person performing the services of a financial institution). A financial account also includes a commodity futures or options account, an insurance policy with a cash value (such as a whole life insurance policy), an annuity policy with a cash value, and shares in a mutual fund or similar pooled fund (i.e., a fund that is available to the general public with a regular net asset value determination and regular redemptions).The above information is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. No one, should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included above without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a licensed attorney.
What are the best ways to build up my credit score?
Screw credit.It’s the biggest scam in history.But to answer your question, the recipe for good credit is simple:Pay off your debt.Yeah, I know, it’s a no brainer.You can do this in two ways:1) Start with the smallest balance and pay as much as you can towards it while making minimum payments on everything else. As you pay off each card, snowball that payment into other cards.2) Start with the card with the highest interest rate. Then do the same as above.While you’re doing that…Cut up your retail credit cards. Don’t use them again unless you get a kick out of paying 20% more for everything you buy.These cards are useless and the “rewards” you get aren’t even close to the amount of interest you’re paying.Keep one or two of your favorite cards and USE them. Pay them off each week/month, keeping a zero balance.I do this on Sundays. I transfer money from my checking to credit card each week. Each week is started with a zero balance.ProTip: Get a cash back reward card and pay it off each week/month. In other words, they’re paying you to use the card.Lower your debt to income ratio. The lower your total debt is compared to what you bring home, the better.Don’t max out your cards. The lower the amount you owe on your card compared to the amount you have available, boosts your credit.IF YOU’RE ALREADY LATE ON PAYMENTS:Don’t use settlement companies. Ever.Don’t use consolidation companies. Ever.Don’t use Payday loans. Ever.Don’t use title loans. Ever.Warning:If you have a savings account with a credit card you’re late on, the bank can (and will) take whatever you have saved.If by some miracle you qualify for a consolidation loan from your bank, then make damn sure you close the other lines of credit…otherwise you’ll “find yourself” with double the debt you had before.Rolling credit over to a new promotional interest rate card is dangerous. If you miss one payment, it can trigger a retroactive interest penalty and suddenly you have more debt that you did before the rollover.Banks are the taxi cabs of personal finance.Extinct, expensive and bad service. Banks nickel and dime you while “storing” your money. You’re basically paying for awful service while they use your money to make money.Screw that.Use a credit union.They are owned by the members. Credit unions have competitive rates. They are usually easier to deal with. Credit unions are now everywhere.Pick a good one, treat them right, pay on time and you’ll never hurt for money again.Credit is a scam.You've been brainwashed to think credit is the key to financial freedom.Credit is used to enslave you. It’s a trick to keep you in the debt game.Don’t play by the rigged rules.Take out too much, you’re penalized. Don’t use enough, you’re penalized. Something bad happens to you, you’re penalized.Know what’s crazy?I’ve gotten loans, cars, apartments, phones and utilities while having “bad credit” in the form of:A foreclosureLate paymentsNo paymentsAm I a bad consumer? No.In all three cases, my credit was being used as leverage to extract cash creditors had no right to.Foreclosure: The foreclosure was due to fraud and the bank, who accepted a forged signature, still tried to screw me. They wanted me to liquidate my savings and retirement just to end up broke and still have bad credit.What did I do? Nothing. I kept my money. Then I bought a sports car.Late payment: An old apartment complex moved a cleaning fee into collections because I was “late” on paying it. My bad…I left them a sparkling clean apartment.What did I do? Got a better apartment. Told the new property if they wanted a good resident then I’m ready to sign. If not, I have the money and means to go somewhere else.No payment: A medical bill was moved to collections because the insurance company and doctor’s office messed up the billing. But the collector wanted me to do the work of figuring out what someone else screwed up. Not. My. Job.What did I do? Got a physical. Then I told them to figure it out and never call me again.Unfortunately for the collectors, the bullying didn’t work because I made damn sure I was in good standing with my credit union.Bad credit? My credit union didn’t care. They got paid, so what?Keep in mind. Creditors use their leverage to drain the middle class of their savings.Some states have allowed creditors to place a lien on your home or garnish your wages to collect on unsecured debt. If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of these states, get rid of the debt, get rid of your bank, build up your emergency fund and move.For more info on your state, you can look here (I have no affiliation with the site and can’t vouch for the accuracy of the info).So how did I get my good credit back?I kept doing what I always did. I paid my credit union on time and was a good member.The funny thing about debt is…When I paid off my debt and started an easy budget, it felt like I had more money and more freedom than when I had no budget.Weird, right?So when you choose to live within your means, pay off your debt and build an emergency fund, you’ll never have to look at your credit again.And if you do want a loan, you can walk in to your credit union and get whatever you want.Why does this work?Because when in doubt, follow the golden rule.The guy with the gold rules.
What is the best advice for clearing credit card debt?
Make more money, spend less money.Debt can really suck, but it’s also the default condition in our society. Student loans, car loans, mortgages• you’re seen as some kind of weird hippie if you don’t have these things. And that’s saying nothing of credit card debt.“I can’t afford that right now” is no longer a thing. We want something, we pull out the plastic and buy it. Some rough mental justification comes into play. We say we’ll pay it off when we get paid next, or we’ll cut back on some other expense this month. But we rarely do.And the debt begins to pile up. Soon, if we don’t pay attention (and most people don’t), we find that it has gotten completely out of hand.I’m fortunate enough that I had this ‘awakening• early enough to stop it before it got too far, but some people owe more than their yearly income in debt! If it’s that bad for you, you may want to consider things like bankruptcy or just not paying it, but for the purpose of this question, I’ll assume we’re talking about debt that is unpleasant but not catastrophic.Your debt isn’t a financial problem, it’s a mental problem.Your brain, your attitudes, your thoughts, your discipline, and your habits got you to where you are right now. Until those things change, nothing else will. Want to hear the most empowering thing anyone has ever told me?It’s your fault.Everything.“Fuck you, you don’t understand my situation!”Listen, this is good stuff. The reason this idea is so powerful is that when it’s your fault, you can change it.If you’re just a victim of circumstances, oppression, society, etc, you’re screwed forever. Take ownership of your life. Of everything.Don’t be a victim.This is simple but not easy, so take some time to figure this out. Got it? Good. Now you’re ready to pay off the debt.If you’re like most people, your debt was accumulated for• nothing in particular. You just sort of drifted from one thing to another without really thinking about it. Without any goal or destination. This is the first thing to fix.Decide on a definite goal to pursue. This could just be ‘paying off debt’, but it should probably be bigger than that. What you need is a direction to be moving in. Then, with every decision, ask yourself if it moves you closer or further away from your goal. Act accordingly. (This book really helped me grasp these ideas, so I recommend you check it out if you’re struggling here.)This alone should drastically reduce your frivolous spending, but let’s get more specific. Cancel cable TV. You don’t need it. Don’t go out to eat. Stop drinking so much.Can you sell your car?Can you sell your house and move somewhere more affordable?Think of your debt as an emergency condition, because that’s what it is. This is not going to be comfortable or fun, but it is necessary.Would you go out and have 6 beers and watch the game in the middle of an emergency?Great, you’ve reduced your spending. You’ve quit spending your time on dumb shit, which for most people, leaves a big time vacuum. You could just sit back and relax, but you’re forgetting, your debt is still an emergency! You’re making progress, but can’t you do more?Make more money.Think about hobbies you could turn into a side hustle. Sell all the dumb shit you racked up the debt paying for on eBay or Craigslist. Work more hours at your job or consider a second side job. Create an information product about something you’re an expert in and sell it. Get creative here, this answer is different for everyone.Kill your interest payments.For credit card debt, look into a balance transfer to a card with a 0% interest period. Ideally, you want to pay it off completely before the interest rate rises, but at very least you can make a huge dent in it when 100% of your payment goes to principal.Don’t go back to your old wicked ways.OK, you’ve put in the effort. You’ve made the sacrifices necessary. You’ve paid off your debt. Congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate. Pour yourself a nice glass of whiskey and realize that you’re now in a position most Americans can’t even dream about. You don’t owe anyone anything!This is a HUGE accomplishment, and not something to be taken lightly.So don’t fuck it up, dummy.You’ll find that your income is now much, much more than your expenses. All that money that you were putting towards debt payments is now sitting idle.Don’t go back to your old consumeristic ways.You’ve worked hard to elevate yourself to a higher level. Don’t fall backwards. Keep moving forward.Put away a nice chunk of money as savings. Keep it in something safe. This is your “fuck you” money. (explained more here) If you never use it, good. Imagine never having to worry about what the boss says. Or the car breaking down.Whatever shit comes up in life, you can handle it.This is where life gets interesting.Debt is the ultimate position of weakness. You’re beholden to people, and you can be destroyed very easily. A pile of cash and an income that vastly outpaces expenses is the ultimate position of strength.Learn about investing. Try starting businesses. Spend more time with your family. Spend less time with your family. Your life is your own, and you get to decide what to do now.This isn’t the ultimate end goal, it’s just the beginning. Getting to this position is what makes everything else possible.I’ve just recently started down a similar path myself. I’m not done yet, and it will take time, but I’m putting in the work every day to make this happen. That’s what you have to do. I’m documenting the journey here. Remember, this won• be easy, but it IS necessary, and the end result will be worth it.
I am trying to get my first credit card but no company will accept my application. How can I fill out the application differently to get accepted?
Look no farther than AmazonIf you are a frequent Amazon customer, as I was, you will have seen many prompts trying to get you to sign up for their rewards card. I didn’t really have a need for a credit card but I figured I might as well get the $70 or so as well as the cash back for signing up for a rewards card.I’m only 18 so I figured there was a high chance of being denied. I entered my information and was promptly denied. For some reason the prompts kept being displayed on my checkout pages, so after a month or so I applied again. Denied.Oh well• I thought.But one day I saw a new rewards card pop up. Rather than being through Synchrony Financial, this one was through Chase. Since I have no credit, it was reasonable that I was getting rejected. However, I currently have a Chase College Student Checking account and have had a Business and Savings account with them in the past. Because I was a current account holder I figured I would have a better chance.I applied one last time only to get waitlisted…? (I read too many college application questions)Waitlisted in this setting meant they needed to further review my application. I wasn’t very optimistic about the outcome but a few days later I found out I had been approved!My very first credit card: An Amazon Rewards Visa..How times have changed.Note: This only works with Chase, at least to my knowledge. You also do not need a cosigner for this method.
How can I find out if my credit card carries a foreign transaction fee?
Three ways I can think of.Ring your card company and ask.Carefully read through all the documentation you can find, terms and conditions, etc. realting to your card.Go to a foreign country, use your card, return home and check your statement.I’ll leave it to you to decide which of those methods is best…
Is it a crime to fill out an application in someone else's name for a credit card?
Do you have power of attorney?Are you their legal guardian?Are you doing it for the purpose of committing fraud?Has the other person given their consent?Consider the following:Forgery is only forgery if the person whose name was forged says it’s forgery.If you endorse the back of a check with your spouse’s name and your spouse is totally ok with that. You haven’t committed forgery.
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