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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing g 1195

Instructions and Help about g 1195

All right so what I'm gonna show everyone how to do is how to load the G tank on a G pen all the videos out there so far suck including the ones from G pen so let's show you how to load it and what it's all about this is the G tank this one's already loaded and I'm actually not going to load anything else in here what I'm gonna tell you is how I did it we got a Maui Wowi co2 oil you can use any oily substance but make sure it's oily you don't want to use something say like this real crumbly it's not gonna melt in there it's just gonna fucking piss you off and it's gonna sit at the bottom so you want something crumbly you don't want something crumbly you want something waxy and oily you don't even really want to load the tank with something like this as your base load what I mean by base load is if you look at my tank at the bottom is all the oil okay the heating elements at the very top right there that circle is the heating element there's two wicks that go up to the heating element and down to the bottom of your tank reservoir that's how the oil is getting up to the heating element so if your wicks are dry then the oil at the bottom is not going to creep its way up to the heating element and heat so you want to use oil and the first time that you'd first time you fill this you want to take your skillet tool that they gave you and you want to take the oil which this one is already to you know pretty much gone and you want to scrape all the oil up which should be real easy if you're using the right oil it should be pretty much almost melting down on the heat of your hand that should start to get liquidy that's the right stuff that you want to use so you get it all up and then you just want to take your skillet tool right over the top of your tank heat the skillet tool up a little bit to make that oil drip right off of it and don't worry about trying to get on the side you want to just get it right on the top right onto the top of the wick and the heating element so that when you heat it up for the first time it melts into the wicks because you want to soak your wicks you want your wick so damp that anytime you reload this thing oils going up the wicks even if it's the old oil you want something to be going up your wick and you want it to be saturated at the entire time and you can see the first two loads I did was just to saturate.