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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing G 1145 how long 2022

Instructions and Help about G 1145 how long 2022

Hello everybody this is John from USA mundo welcome back and thanks for watching the future first time on my channel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys today's video is created Friday episode number 55 in this episode I'm gonna answer a question jack send me on youtube if you want to know what is the question and my answer to that question just stay true and have the right back USA moon Jack Bauer sent me this on YouTube are you s I'm on my wife is Vietnamese and I am US citizen can I use this on G 1450 form to pay ID 30 feet and would MoneyGram be ok too also I don't have my birth certificate here with me in Vietnam cannot file I want a reapplication with my passport only thank you for all your help and subscribe and love the channel hello jack and thanks for your question first of all this is not illegal advice okay so the question sent me on youtube that you you are in Vietnam right now you signed a petition for your wife with Vietnamese and now you wonder if you can Perry I want a repetition fees before for Mon G 1450 or monogram and also you wonder if you can use your US passport as a proof of your citizenship instead of your birth certificate which we don't have with you overrate in vietnam as you already know to petition for a relative it costs money ok to to pay for it I want to read fees it's a lot of money for some people and know people who don't have cash available in the bank account wondering if they can use another payment method don't you pay for those fees that's how you ACS or come up with a method call on G 1450 form so the G 1450 form is basically from you how to fill out if you want to use your credit card to pay the fees if you are filing a petition or send an application to VCS or lockbox of facility we can use a form on G 1450 with for most of the forms okay and it's including from I 130 the one you were talking about so I had a video about how to fill up the form is very easy you fill up your name your credit card information all that and then you use that as your payment method don't you to pay the fees or for your I want to repetition and also another thing you ask me it's about your you it's possible if you can use your US passport as a proof of you your citizenship of course you can use a US passport as proof of your citizenship as long as they still valid they are not expired okay if your passport is not expired you can use it as a proof of your US citizenship.

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