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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing g 1145 form pdf download

Instructions and Help about g 1145 form pdf download

Hi everyone if you are new to my youtube channel please do check my playlist I have lots of videos on my playlists and if my youtube channel and video helped you as an appreciation please consider donating to our ongoing expenses any amount will help us a lot please click the link thank you so much and have a great day hi everyone so it's me Rosalina now I wanted to show you how to fill out the g-1145 for ROC or removal of conditional green card just a lot of applicant actually that's include me I'm wondering who will be the name on the g-1145 is it the US citizen or ask the applicant the beneficiary so I did a research and I found out that the name on the g-1145 is the applicant which is the beneficiary a non-us citizen applicant so that is me okay so first you have to go to Google type g-1145 then you can see this click the link and you will go to the USCIS website and all you have to do is to click this to download the PDF file of g-1145 I already download the form so we can proceed right away so here we go USCIS form g-1145 what is the importance of this form if you already submitted your application and you want the USCIS notified you through email or SMS if you will submit g-1145 they will send you a SMS or an email confirming showing that the USCIS already received your application and we want that right so just fill out this form and send it out together with other documents for your roc okay so in here full name if you use your married name then write your married name in here then the first name then the maiden name then your email address and then your mobile number make sure that your email address and then mobile number is active and working so you can receive the USCIS confirmation that they already receive your application so I hope it was clear the name that you need to write in here is the beneficiary or the non-us citizen applicant okay so if you have questions clarifications just feel free to comment on my video have a great day everyone bye bye.